Established as Manor Diving in Liverpool 1964 by Mark Salvesen. Mark had extensive experience as a Seaman and Diver around the world. He started the company from a small office in Lark Lane Liverpool with 1 diver and himself.


Manor Diving provided a service for Merseyside and the surrounding regions with experienced divers mainly ex forces. The clients at this time were from the shipping and civil engineering industry.


Manor Diving continued to operate throughout the 1960, 1970s collecting blue chip clients along the way. They were heavily involved in the building of Seaforth dock Liverpool.  By 1980s their main clients were MDHC, British Waterways, ICI, Shell UK, Alexandra Towing, Manchester Ship Canal Company, Cammellairds and many more.

In 1985 the company expanded and renamed  Salvesen UK LTD. They gained new premises on Liverpool docks at East Canada Dock a prime location.

The company became accredited by numerous classification societies for in water inspections of vessels classification societies include, DNV, Lloyds, GL, BV, ABS.

From 1985 through the 1990s Salvesen UK continued to serve their clients and create working relationships with other companies such as Svitzer Marine, Smit Towage, Edmund Nuttalls, Alfred McAlpine, Norwest Holst, Millers, Marine investigation Branch, Underwater search units, Granada Television and many more. Completing numerous contracts with these clients.

In 1996 Salvesen UK gained ISO 9002 Quality Assurance accreditation which they still have to this day being constantly audited and upgraded every year.

The ISO 9001 was upgraded in 2003 to ISO 9001-2000 and later in 2009 to 9001-2008.


From its home base at East Canada Dock in the thriving Port of Liverpool , Salvesen UK delivers the service ethos established by the company founder Mark Salvesen over the last five decades.


Today the company serves the diverse requirements of its clients – from industrial giants to individual ship owners.

2015-2016 was the most successful year in our history carrying out a record number of diving projects, over 1500 in total, however we continue through to this day to deliver many more contracts for our blue chip companies and SME’s including;

Peel Ports

Throughout the year maintenance contract for all diving work, confined space and safety boat tasks. At Liverpool, Birkenhead, Manchester Ship Canal and Heysham Port.

Essar Oil UK LTD

Tranmere oil terminal inspection and salvage works on various berths, maintenance works on environmental barriers etc.


Safety boat cover, inspection, dredging and recovery of 100 year old Caisson, De silting over 800 ton compacted silt of dock gate.

Lloyds, ABS, DNV

Several in water surveys and repairs for extension of dry docking.

Bam Nuttall

Recovery of fendering and assistance with removal – replacement of damaged Monopile River Mersey.

Saica Paper

Inspection and remedial works over a four month period.

South Humber - Killingshome

Confined space and confined space rescue works during shut down periods.

Volker Stevin

Major contract Liverpool docks dredging entrance to enable 100 year old dock gates to be closed and used as cofferdam 3 month contract.

Stena Line Ltd/Holyhead

Inspection and salvage works throughout the year. Location and recovery of debris and fenders. Lloyds in water survey of floating vessels in harbour.

Boluda Tugs, Svitzer Marine

In water surveys for class and emergency call outs removal of heavy fouling from propulsion units. Fitting of Anodes to ships side.

Mersey Engineering


These are just a few of the contracts completed successfully. All the clients above are established with Salvesen UK LTD. They have had a working relationship for over 30 years.



Moving forward during 2020 and further into 2021 we are all and prepared for the current Covid H&S rules and regulations to ensure all our clients are kept safe during this time we will continue to cement these relationships and acquire new contacts to build the company portfolio. Any prospective clients who wish to contact any of the above companies for a reference of that companies experience with Salvesen UK Ltd can contact us and we will give the relevant site contact who Salvesen UK LTD dealt with.