Salvesen UK Ltd has been established for over 40 years ideally based in the thriving Port of Liverpool, Merseyside. Marcus Salvesen created the company in 1964 and worked tirelessly through the good and bad periods over the next 35 years to ensure the company delivered a reliable, experienced diving service, completing thousands of projects for major clients. Over the years he established an excellent relationship with these clients that Gary Canning has continued to this day.

All of our clients have worked continually with Salvesen UK Ltd and previously Manor Diving Services for over 40 years and still rely on the expertise and experience coupled with quality of service that Salvesen UK Ltd deliver on a daily basis.

Recovering The Landfall
The LCT 7074 'Landfall' is the only surviving landing craft from D-Day in 1944. Savlesen UK were assigned the task of refloating the landing craft in the Birkenhead Docks in Liverpool, UK....Read More


Salvesen UK Accreditations
ISO 9001-2008 accreditation successfully achieved for the 18th year and Contactor Plus renewed for the 2nd year.... Read More

Salvesen UK Dive Support vessel MV Thor was lifted out of the water this month for a complete overhaul and renewal of MCA Coding. Over £10,000.00 was spent on the vessel with full shot blasting of.... Read More



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